VIPS (Volunteers In Public Schools) Committees and Descriptions

Interested in Volunteering?  Here are some short descriptions of our committees and what they do!

Grade Level Volunteers: Assist glade level staff teacm leader with volunteer staffing needs for grade level projects, decorating, parties, etc…

Choir: Assist choir director with preparation for choir performances, plan and execute choir luncheon.

Dad’s Club: Organize and advertise for the Dad’s Day Picnic in the Spring.

Junior Achievement: Coordinate dates for training and teaching JA, provide materials and training to volunteers, teach provided lessons to one classroom about economics.  K-2 teach 5 lessons in 1 month, 3-5 teach 5 lessons in 1 day.

Laminating: Collect and laminate projects for all grade levels.

Library: Assist librarian with securing volunteers for Book Fairs, Bluebonnet Book, celebration, author visits, etc…

Marquee: Update the APE marquee with current events at APE.

Mentoring: Organize volunteers for training and placement with a child, give one hour a week to assist a struggling child.

Kindergarten Teacher Center: Assist KG teachers with laminating, die cutting, copying, etc throughout the year.

Teacher Center: Assist grades 1-5 with laminating, die cutting, copying, etc throughout the year.

Field Day: Assist PE teacher with securing parent volunteers for the day, organizing food, drinks, and organizing the luncheon for volunteers.

Summer Playdates: Plan 3 summer time play dates and provide drinks and ice pops.

Shared Dreams: Coordinate volunteer team to cover APE’s assigned shifts at the Shared Dreams distribution center, conduct a toiletry or clothing drive to help stock the center, act as a liaison between APE and FBISD.

APE Secret Pals: Advertise, recruit, and coordinate “pals” with the teachers, be a “pal” for a teacher, assist with “pal” reveal at the end of the year.

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